Recently Instagram announced its new statistic – they have 80 millions users. There also some new application updates. Most users noticed that Twitter feature “Find Friends” is missing in these updates. The following feature is quite useful as it allows Instagram users following the same people on Twitter. Another beloved feature “Twit Photo” is luckily available. Twitter feature “Find Friends” is missing because of API restrictions from Twitter side. They have concerns about the scale of Instagram app.

At the same time many other social media networks, such as The Fancy and Foursquare still can use this Twitter API part. Obviously Instagram was one of the biggest developers, who were using Twitter Fiend Graph.

There are several reasons for perplexing this decision due to Valley politics as the founder of Twitter is the investor in Instagram app. So many analysts think that such a competitive move of Twitter was a direct way of an attack on Facebook. They just wanted to limit their access on Instagram who is their acquisition.

If you study the agenda of Twitter, you will find that it is not clear at all. There is a possibility that Twitter app is going to control user’s photos on their own platform. Obviously Facebook wants to do the same, but they are trying to preclude from that.

So Twitter limits its API access quite selectively. Many analysts find such a company’s behavior quite a strange. They thrive on symbiosis of API in the whole ecosystem. Can you imagine the same behavior of Google? What if they decide to limit access to Google Maps to various apps?

Additional recent move of Twitter – it has pulled off tweets from another popular social network LinkedIn. Such actions look like the beginning of API wars. But if you recollect the events of past years, Facebook has acted in the same way with Twitter. In 201 they shut off access to the feature “Find Friends” for Twitter.