Instagram Business Operations Director Emily White shared slightly disturbing news for Instagram users – the next year the service will allow advertising. The reaction of users may be varied, from mildly annoyed to openly aggressive, but the decision to turn Instagram into the tool for money making cannot be appealed any more.
Earlier users rebelled against the opportunity to have ads against their precious pictures, so Instagram developers had to devise new ways to attract advertisers and keep users happy at the same time.
As Emily White said, this time developers might try adding tab “Discover”, where users would find Popular and Search pages. As for now, it is supposed that brands will not link their sites directly to the app, instead they will promote their content within the general Instagram framework, or use key words in search for pushing their offers forward.
150 millions of active monthly users are a juicy bit for top brands, and the latter already engage actively in the different campaigns on Instagram, and 13 of the branded accounts have more than a million users each. RedBull successfully ran hashtags campaign, when the most interesting pics under hashtag #redbull were awarded by special edition of the energizing drink. Starbucks used different approach with its campaign “Behind the Scenes” – it tried to get closer to its customers, but the game was led strictly inside the Instagram framework, and those not interested in the topic happily missed all the fuss without giving a second thought to it.

Yet with ads coming as an integral part of the service, users who appreciated the atmosphere free of money-making and advertizing might feel uncomfortable and even turn their backs at Instagram. The point is that from the very beginning Instagram became a real app “drug” because of its simplicity and convenience. Once you try it – and you will continue doing it because it is real fun. Besides, Instagram hit he sift spot of iPhone users and camera phone users – snapshot made on the move, by occasion and not very good from esthetic point of view, were magically changed to masterpieces by filters and in-built iPhone functions. Direct links to Facebook and Twitter were bonuses to crown it all. Besides, Instagram is a very elegant time waster – you can follow your friends’ life through colorful pictures and select what pics to share as the most beautiful. And now all the fun will be spoiled by a big fly in the soup – Instagram ads. Facebook and its affiliate already survived through the rebel against new terms of service, and White swears that now approach to introduction of ads is different and very cautious so that everyone would be happy. Yet the last say belong to users who will actually experience pros and cons of this novelty.