In the internet the information confidentiality is very important. And clearly understands it and takes into account while working with clients. Privacy of your information is treated seriously. In our practice we use the most up-to-date computer software and technologies. Such approach aims to help avoiding the disclosure of any kind of personal information. Our IT staff, Human Resource, company’s policies, up-to-date software and professional management will easily protect your confidential information on a high level. can change or modify its Privacy Policy. All our clients should check this page to be informed about all updates of the company. Do not forget that there may be some attacks of scammers. They may ask you to provide your confidential information on our behalf. On the list below we describe what kind of information we may need from you and how the information will be used by If you take this information seriously, you will never face problems that are caused by scammers.

Your confidential information we may require: full name, occupation, phone number, email and postcode. We may ask your hobbies, interests and other general consumer information. Such kind of information uses for customer satisfaction surveys or promotional campaigns. will use your data to:

• Collect statistics;
• Improve services;
• Reshape services;
• Reshape the interface of the website;
• Inform about promotional offers via email;
• Inform service updates and other commercial information.

We protect your data with these security measures:

Powerful software;
• Professional staff.

Our attitude to cookies

Our clients can easily disable cookies. But there is no need to worry as they are not threat to your privacy. It is a handy tool. They allow accumulating some useful information on your private computer – all your web pages and common browser settings that you prefer. So if you provide us the access to your cookies, we will improve our web site and all services so they will be able to satisfy you completely. In case you decide to deny the access to cookies, you should set your browser settings as some accept them by default.

Following links

Please note that cannot control Privacy Policy of the links to other web sited that can be found on our own site. While sharing your confidential information always remain careful by checking their Privacy Policies.

Sharing control of personal data never discloses our clients’ confidential information to any third party, except they give us the right to do that. However we always obey government bodies’ orders. If you want to receive third parties’ information, products or services, you can authorize us and we will provide this information.

We will appreciate if you notify us every time when you change contacts, name and occupation. This will help us serve at our best standards.