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We start our Affiliate Program with up to 50% Life-Time Commission and there are several reasons to subscribe to our Affiliate program today:
1. Simple start. Simply contact us and begin new business immediately!

2. High profits. During our cooperation you may get up to  30% commission, it will work with every purchase of your clients or referrals. We have rather long history in marketing. People trust our service, and the main part of our customers are loyal customers. An average price is $50 for one single purchase. So, let’s count: 30% of $50 makes $15 for one single purchase. It is an attractive offer, isn’t it? Start getting money for every client during your all long term co operations!

3. Long-term cooperation. Every your subscriber is detected in our Affiliate system as your client. This information is never expired or modified. Be sure, our system is strictly organized and every piece of data is kept in its affiliate URL. And if your client is recommended by someone else, our system will show us that this person is in our subscription basis already, and YOUR information will be highlighted and YOU will continue to earn money from every his/her purchase.

4. Light performance. Becoming rich is easy with us! You can monitor the whole process with the help of our Affiliate newsletter. We’ll process your results and give you recommendations according possible ways of improving your promotional marketing.

We don’t wait your lead becoming a customer and purchasing something immediately during several months. But this is the common working rule of many affiliate systems. We pay for real deals! It doesn’t matter when a purchase is made: after one year or even ten years after the subscription, but the commission will be paid for it. All your leads are recorded in our system and will be kept in it till the end of our existence.
Are you interested in? Just contact us using our contact form and we will answer you in 24 hours.