Instagram is blooming to the full despite the fall season and claims it has now 80 million users. Just the right time to make some updates and please new users with some fresh features. Yet one of them will not be available on the menu – option “Find your friends” through Twitter is no more allowed. So now it’s impossible to follow on Instagram people who you follow on Twitter.
It happened because Twitter is presumably tightening the grip on its users’ data which earlier was more accessible, and perhaps the situation is worsened by the fact that Instagram belongs to Facebook. Thus Instagram roaming through Twitter realm means letting an enemy inside the fortress. This way or another, new API restrictions banned the photo service from finding old friends, but nevertheless allow twitting photos.
Foursquare and The Fancy still have access to this option, which means that Instagram was the biggest service making use of Twitter Friend Graph and the wrath of Twitter fell on its rising head.
The point is all the more insulting given that the founder of Twitter and Instagram investor is one and the same person – Jack Dorsey, and both companies receive investments from Benchmark. One can see it as a preventive strike to Facebook through “crippling’ its affiliate Instagram, yet it looks all the more strange. Current situation in the area of social networks cooperation means close API integration and data interchange. This restriction may be compared to Google selectively banning apps and companies from accessing Google Maps. Another version is that Twitter simply wants to control pictures fluctuation through its platform, but no one can tell for sure except the Twitter top managers themselves.
Anyhow, this war tactics is not at all new – earlier in 2010 Facebook did the same to Twitter, so this is just the response curtsey arriving a bit late. Twitter also has recently removed tweets from LinkedIn, but this is pure mystery to everyone. Only time will tell what comes next.