Instagram is the most popular photo sharing application where people come together in order to share their world with friends in real time. In order to keep on developing the company had plans to unveil video service to Instagram application.
New Instagram users statistics has been revealed – now Instagram hosts 16 billion photos; the number of users is 130 millions users, who have interacted with 1 billion likes. It is 30 millions more active users comparing to the number which Facebook stated around one month ago. Comparing to the previous year, when Facebook made its first offer acquiring application and had 50 million users – now the number is doubled.
It goes without saying that Instagram has a huge success! At the present moment Instagram is the most famous application for sharing photos in USA. Recent researches state that 35% of users of IPhone access Instagram application every month on a regular basis. Comparing to Snapchat, Instagram can be given a lead of 20% points.
The company launches new video feature. And let us see how these changes are going to impact the popularity of the app. Of course it will enhance the photo sharing service. But it is quite interesting if Instagram users will find a new video feature interfering with what they have been offered before. Is there possibility that many users will migrate somewhere else? Alternatively current users will start using video service along with photo sharing feature. Some specialists believe that Instagram will attract plenty of new users who are mainly interested with video service rather than just photo.
Vine is the most used and popular mobile video application. Their market share is 10 percent. So both applications have enough users to target. Vine allows videos of 6.5 seconds while Instagram does for 15 seconds. So we can only wonder which one users will prefer