There exist lots of apps designed for managing your Twitter account in regard to number of followers, checking who follows and who unfollowed, and featuring lots of other functions. Some of them are quire reliable, some are just tools for those who “help to increase followers number up to 10 kilos overnight” (you get what I mean – it is not OK at all), but surprisingly, JustUnfollow is different.
It first appeared in the press through not very positive “advertizing” – Michael Arrington said about the app that it did not work like it should (although it has been present in the industry for quite a long time already). The bug was fixed, new functions added (like opportunity to manage accounts on Instagram, too) and from l million of users reported last year the company jumped to about 4 millions of users now. The app is available for downloading in versions for both iOS and Android, and it has already been downloaded by 1.7 million users.
The app is both free and paid – some basic features are free of charge and others have to be paid for. Prices are more that moderate so feel free to help yourself to all treats the app has in stock: individuals have to pay about 5 dollars per year for unlimited follows etc. plus 10,000 black- and whitelisted accounts, and about 25 bucks for the same options but for 5 separate Twitter accounts. Businesses may afford expanded set of features plus clients support at the price starting from 10 dollars per months and getting to 200 bucks of monthly fee.
Well, it sounds as one more means of ripping Twitter users of their money, but one reason makes you look closer at JustUnfollow. The features of this kind of apps are basically the same – follow/unfollow in exchange, check who is active and whose empty account lingers in your list etc. Most people get tired of doing this check manually and wasting time so they either quit or use one of the mentioned apps to keep their accounts more or less tidy. JustUnfollow offers the necessary set of functions plus very good and convenient design. It is simple, intuitive and at the same time functional enough to work properly. It is actually so good that might seduce you to start managing your accounts even if you did not do it previously. It is not a kind of hidden product placement, it is just a hint to look closer at the app really worth attention.
There were reports on some problems with the app for iOS, but there is no successful campaign without casualties. So go and try for yourself. We recommend it.