Recently Instagram has revealed its main mission and real purpose of its photo sharing service. Sharing either photos or videos we do not aim to get as many likes as possible. The true purpose of photos sharing is to let our friends and other people see the world and the present moment through our eye. While Facebook aims to make our world open and more connected, Instagram video aims capturing and sharing memorable moments of our life. This phrase is the new point of Instagram company.
When Facebook for the first time launched updates of statuses, for most people it became a special place where they can share thoughts and feelings. People who have Twitter post numerous links to various sites, they ramble about their everyday activities. But it is difficult to call communication, it looks more like monologue. Facebook users post updates not so often comparing to Twitter, but they share ideas, thoughts with friends and the whole world. People, whom you even do not know, get in contact with you. For such communications you must have only similar interests and have the desire to learn together.
Instagram found a totally new approach to social media networks. Let us imagine – a young romantic lady is walking in a park. She enjoys lovely sunset. Last sunlights are reflecting off a small pond. The landscape is so beautiful. She fills like sharing her positive emotions with people. She dreams that her dear people see this beauty of nature too. There is no need for her to be a professional photographer. As most modern people she has her IPhone with her. She shot but it lacks life and emotions. But with Instagram’s filters that fill what she has just captured with the essence of the precious moment.
As you can see, Instagram application deserves to be together with Facebook and Twitter. Instagram video cannot replace a real web camera. But if you want to share the moment or your activity with your dear person, who is far away from you, Instagram is the best what you can find. Popular social media networks make a magic triangle, where Twitter – the head, Facebook – the heart and Instagram – eye and the gateway to the soul.