According to the latest news Instagram is going to revert advertisement terms because they need to be figured our properly. Recently all users of the world-known photo application could notice the controversy over some changes to Instagram service terms. Kevin Systrom posted in his own blog, that the company reverts the section of advertisement to the old version that was effective enough since the service had been launched in 2010.

Instagram customer support department got numerous concerns of their users. That is why the company decided to come back to the old version and make it clear that Instagram has intentions to use and sell users photos. Before making any ads related changes, the company wants to study all the details of future ads program.

Instagram is not ready to introduce new advertising services and products to its users because they have not been developed yet. In the nearest future Instagram will complete its plans. As soon as they are ready, they will be explained everything to its users.

Kevin Systro has also apologized for company’s poor communication. He considers his main responsibility is to communicate and express company’s intentions in a clear manner. Now it is obvious that this task has been failed. He feels sorry and at the moment is busy making all the changes right.
Instagram customer support team receives different kinds of concerns, questions, offers and so on. But recently the bigger part of them is mainly focused on advertisement issues. Instagram users would like to get clear information regarding these ad changes and how they are going to influence their private photos. Users are a bit confused and have real concerns on how Instagram ads products will look like and the way they will work.
All the updates of service terms should be checked on the official Instagram web page or on its owners’ blogs on a regular basis.