What are the reasons to choose Instagram-up.com?

Instagram application is one of the most popular and powerful tool in modern marketing world. We realize all the importance of using this app for your brand or company promotion. We have plenty of positive feedbacks of our clients. We focus on providing affordable, comfortable, high-quality and fast services. Once you have bought our Instagram followers package, your profits and brand recognition will rise immediately. Such approach can easily enlarge the reputation of your company, brand, products or services. We give guarantee that all Instagram likes and followers are real.

How fast will I get Instagram Followers?

According to our rules, our client will receive a discussed number of Instagram Followers within one or two days starting from the order approval. Instagram-up.com can ensure you that the task will be performed in time.

How does the Instagram Followers service work?

We offer you several Instagram followers and likes packages. You need to check them, select the most suitable one for you and click to buy it. Instagram-up.com provides only real followers, who will see your Instagram content, may leave their comments, take part in discussions and liking content (depends from their desire to do that). Contact our Customer Support Team if you have additional questions.

What guarantee do you provide?

In case we cannot provide our client with a required amount of Instagram Followers, we guarantee the money refund for the part of the order, which you didn’t get. Such cases may happen due to technical reasons though they happen very rare. When you face any problems, you should contact us immediately so we will work on solving the problem.

Is my money investment reasonable?

Your money investment is reasonable because you will get plenty of new Instagram Followers in return. Though you should understand that the growth of your sales does not depend on us and we cannot predict it. Our task is to make an effective promotional campaign. But the result will also depend on your cooperation with clients.

Within what time will you complete my order?

Once you have chosen one of our packages and made the order, one of our co-workers will get the notice and start the marketing process. As a rule it takes one day from the payment process to start our work. We need one extra day to deal effectively with the technical process. So within quite a short period you will start seeing new followers at your Instagram account.

What source do you get Instagram Followers from?

Instagram-up.com follows all technological updates. Our professional team analyses them in order to improve our services. For acquiring new Instagram Followers we have a special list of contacts and advertisement partners. But you should understand that we cannot reveal all our professional secrets of our methods and sources. We ensure that our marketers use in their practice online techniques that guarantee the best service.

How can you ensure that Instagram Followers are real people?

We give all our clients 100% guarantee that Instagram Followers we provide are real. This is our priority to use neither fake Instagram profiles nor bots. This is the major reason why you should choose Instagram-up.com among other similar companies. Only real followers will be delivered to your account.

Will you use my Instagram password?

We will ask only your username. That’s it! We do not need information such as the password or any other personal data.

Is it possible that my Instagram profile will be banned?

As our experience shows there were no situations when a client’s profile was banned. Using our service is not risky for you at all because we use computer technologies which we test ourselves.