Peter Deng who previously developed the most prominent Facebook features will now improve Instagram in the role of its Director of Product. He’s not planning to build everything again from the scratch or do total overhaul. He likes everything Kevin and Mike of Facebook do, he just wants to make the development process go faster, and get excellent products as output.
Peter Deng is definitely not the face of Facebook (sorry for this unintended pun) as Zuck or Sheril may be, but he is one of those who keep the whole thing going. Earlier he gained experience as an intern with Microsoft and worked for Google.
No wonder that after he joined Facebook in 2007 the network got its know how features due to his very efforts. Prototype of Facebook Chat, early version of Events, making Pages alive and dynamic – introducing posts to News Feed, new profile function as collector of structured data about users to fuel Facebook ads, making Groups really work, fostering mobile messaging on FB – this list of honor pertains to Peter Deng. Yet he is not at all tired of the network and wants to see it running forward, so he moves to its other part to give it a push, too. Deng remains inside the “system”, and his place at head of mobile messaging team will be taken by no less honorable veteran Naomi Gleit.
Now Deng plans to do Instagram the same favour he did for Facebook – bring it forward. He comes to his new workplace with set of questions – how to understand why people use it and what they will want to see in it? What will make the product popular across the world? He is ready to wreck his brain over these issues to make it easier for his new team just as he did when he first came to FB.
Systrom couldn’t find enough warm words to communicate how happy he was to have Deng around. There already exists good management team to develop Instagram and make it almost second to Facebook (not spoken, but meant), yet Deng is absolutely unique. He can build efficient and brilliant teams, establish scalable flexible structures for developing any kind of product, and he is absolutely perfect for this new task.
Instagram now is almost one of international languages, because it does not necessary require speaking, it just offers an opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Besides, it is a place to store the visual memories of the most precious moments and have them safe even if your phone or tablet got stolen (just what have happened to Deng some time ago – this experience inspired him even more). Deng’s task is not to interfere with the working process – it runs smoothly, everything is kept simple and looks dear to millions of people all over the world. Deng’s task – to enlarge the team in proper way, because in this case a bit more efficiency in implementing the existing vision mean great difference in the experience the users all over the world will get. This is what Deng is inspired about.